2022 New Year

Blowing off the cobwebs and ringing in the changes

I’ve been itching to write for a while – a long while, but then the general hustle and bustle of life happens, and of course, the dreaded covid seems to turn things upside down far too often!

The problem with all that busyness is it gets in the way of doing what you really want to do. Not that any of it is wasted time – completely the opposite.

Certainly, for myself, all the months & years I’ve spent working for various clients, in meetings, side projects, etc. have provided me with greater vision, new opportunities, and direction. But as Gary Vaynerchuk would say, “execution is everything”.

(He’d say a lot more than that, but let’s keep it clean!)


I’ve been working in the digital marketing industry professionally for over 18 years. Over that time, much has changed, but it’s amazing how much of the same old rubbish is wheeled out.
However, one thing that has become apparent to me over the years, is how hard it is for small businesses to make their mark on the Internet.


No more feast or famine


Does this sound familiar?

About 2 months ago, a past contact to whom I have given some advice, finally reached back out. They had decided they needed my help in a more tangible way. The website needed updating, but more importantly, they needed more customers, as things were too quiet.
I offered to look at his site, and come back to him within a few days with some ideas of what was the best course of action. A week later, I’d sent an e-mail with a mini-report, followed up by a phone call (straight to voicemail) and then a text message.

Nothing but radio silence!

When I finally did get hold of the chap by phone, he told me a couple of jobs had come in and he was too busy to sort anything out and chances are it would be the new year (we’ll see). Unfortunately, this is all too common. Small businesses lurch from one client to the next, with nothing planned to create a steady and consistent flow of work, and it all ends up as a case of feast or famine.

Not only is it common, it’s a historical fact in my own business. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Over the past few years, I’ve slowly turned my business around, until I’ve come to this point, where there’s a steady income. This hasn’t happened by accident, it’s been a process that I’ve had to learn, and I want to pass that information on to you.

No matter what your business is – forklift truck sales, beauty products, golfing equipment, manufacturing, construction, snake handler… your business can improve, and it can be done easily, with little stress, no complexity, and with little cost. All it takes is a little planning and the willingness to learn.

What I have learned, I want to pass on to you

For PRO Media 66, we’re working to a simple principle of show and tell, or more precisely, ‘tell you, show you, do it for you“.

Tell you

Through this blog and other mediums, I want to be able to go through the basics of how you can market your business over the next few years. Many people are still confused about the vast opportunities out there, how to target their audience (or even who their audience is), and how to do this on a budget that works for every sized business. I want to pass on what I know, and show you just how easy it is to do it yourself.

Show you

For those who want less of an overview, and need a little more hand-holding, over the coming months, we will be providing step-by-step guides for every topic we cover. For instance, not only will we tell you how to do Facebook Marketing, we’ll show you how we do it for our clients. With tutorials, videos, step by step guides, you’ll never wonder what to do next… walk in our steps, and the tried and trusted methods that we use for our clients will help you to grow your business.

Do it for you

For some businesses, they have neither the time, nor the inclination to do it themselves. For a select few clients (and so far for 2022, there is only space for 3 clients – we’re busy enough as it is!) we’re available to work our methods to build your business.

In Conclusion

So that’s us summed up for 2022. Expect a lot of very practical content coming your way. We’re going to lay the foundations first of all.

So stick around. I hope you find it useful.

Hi, I’m Gordon, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have on making your digital marketing more effective.

Gordon Hall

Director, PRO Media 66

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