We’re Different…

Sure, there are plenty of people who will build a website for you, and even more who will offer you SEO, but far fewer who can offer all you need under one roof. Is this important? YES!

If your website is to perform well, it needs to not only be designed well, but optimised properly. Wouldn’t it be better to get this done at the same time?

…And Transparent
Our aim at PRO Media 66 is simple – to bring transparency to the table.
We recognise our clients are not experts in website design or SEO, which is precisely why we feel compelled to guide them through the maze, and we do it with the utmost of integrity.

How do we achieve this? Simply through the setting of clear goals right from the start. In the measuring of our work through monthly reports and working with defined intentions – we plan where you’re website’s going and how we intend to get you there. Whilst SEO is indeed part science, part art and part insight, we believe it’s possible to set clear and realistic targets, so you understand the objectives along every step of the way.

Digital Marketing Qualifications

You want to know your in safe hands. Whilst there aren’t any qualifications directly for web design or SEO, you’ll find the exams that we are qualified in for Digital Marketing and Google.

What’s in a name?

It all began in 1991 when I traveled to the USA for the first time, spending 3 month’s hitching across the country, enjoying all aspects of american culture (yes, there is such a thing!).
Since then I’ve visited several times and most enjoy the vast open spaces and lifestyle of the american mid-west. Yes I’m a Mancunian through and through but it’s still possible to enjoy other cultures as a Manc!

The last time I traveled there was in 2012 (although I can feel another trip coming on soon) – a 3 week road trip with a friend, a sports car, a fistful of dollars and no agenda. What a fabulous time.

Route 66 is a centerpiece of American history, and when you’re looking for a business name, there’s nothing like using something that is already familiar, and translates across the pond.

On the road again!