How to benefit from these blogs

Blowing off the cobwebs and ringing in the changes

Our experience of the majority of business blogs is that they’re just not aimed at the average small business. Lots of ethereal ideas, very little practical output. Even rarer are any step by step guides.

Well, we’re gonna make it easy for you> Just stick with us.

We’re gonna make everything easy for you – easy like Sunday morning.

So this short blog is simply to tell you that we’re going cover things that YOUR business needs to know. More than that, we’re going to tell you HOW to do it. What are we going to cover… well, the basics at first, but I still can’t believe, after all these years, just how many businesses aren’t doing the simplest of tasks.

Tasks that cost NOTHING to implement
Tasks that take NO TECHNICAL knowhow
Tasks that would DOUBLE your earnings after 12 months
Tasks that mean the DIFFERENCE between success and failure

And whilst I’m sure you want to get some secret ingredients that will boost your business, or know some secret formula that will get your Google/Facebook advertising costs down to mere pennies, I’ve got news for you. There are no secrets (well, actually, I’ve got a great one for Facebook, but that’s for another day!).

No, it’s down to methodical and thorough work. But don’t worry, we’re going to hold your hand throughout. 

It's down to methodical & thorough work

We’re going to start with some real basics, but don’t ignore them.

They might not be for you, and that’s fine, but stick around and the next blog will probably have your name written all over it!

As we move on, we’ll look at various platforms and mediums – Google, Facebook, Email, text messaging and see what works for your business. Of course, what works for Business A won’t necessarily work for Business B, but that’s fine. We’ll all learn together.

We’ll also cover newer technologies that you might not have come across, and we’ll be doing case studies on websites, specific sales strategies and even on business models.

So let’s get to work, shall we!

Hi, I’m Gordon, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have on making your digital marketing more effective.

Gordon Hall

Director, PRO Media 66

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As we work through the various blog posts over the coming months, we will demonstrate how things are done. To that end, we’re looking for willing businesses, of all shapes, styles & industries to be used as our examples. So if you’re looking for a helping hand why not drop us a line and we can help each other.

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