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Know your audience

DIGITAL MARKETING - GENERAL Know your audience Who is your perfect customer?   Gordon Hall, 07/01/2018 For any business, one of the first questions you ask should be “who is my audience?” It’s a simple question, but strangely, not one that is either asked enough...

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Pareto’s Law

DIGITAL MARKETING - GENERAL Pareto's Law Doing more with less Gordon Hall, 16/01/2018 Have you come across Pareto's Law or Pareto's Principle (they're the same thing by the way)? In essence, the principle roughly states that 80% of results come from 20% of the effort....

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Can you get me to the top of Google?

DIGITAL MARKETING - GENERAL Can you get me to the top of Google? Thinking things through... Gordon Hall, 12/01/2018 The question I get asked more frequently than any other, by a long stretch, is "Can you get me to the top of Google?" Sometimes it doesn't even come as...

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What to expect from these blogs

DIGITAL MARKETING - GENERAL Intro to the blogs It's about making it easy for the you Gordon Hall, 07/01/2018 Our experience of the majority of business blogs is that they're just not aimed at the average small business. Lots of ethereal ideas, very little practical...

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Web hosting in 2018 – What you need to know

DIGITAL MARKETING - HOSTING Website Hosting What you need to know in 2018 Gordon Hall, 03/01/2018 OK, let's cut to the chase. If you're using cheap servers... or even worse, free servers/services such as Wix for your website hosting, then Stop it. You're never going...

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New Year, New Start

DIGITAL MARKETING - GENERAL New Year, New Start   Gordon Hall, 01/01/2018 I’ve been itching to write for a while – a long while, but then the general hustle and bustle of life happens. The problem with all that busyness is it gets in the way of doing what you...

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