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3 SEO calculators to help you plan your budgets and ROIs


Free Lead Conversion Rate Calculator

The lead conversion rate calculator provides you with a percentage of website visitors that turn into leads.

How to use

Input the number of website visitors you get in any given month. Now input the number of enquiries you receive, whether that’s via phone, email, social media etc. The calculator will give you your Lead Conversion Rate as a percentage.


If you received 3593 visitors to your website last month, and had 162 enquiries via various channels, you would enter 3593 into the ‘Total Visitor‘ field and 162 into the ‘Number of Leads‘ field, giving you a Lead Conversion Rate of 4.51%

Free SEO Tools - Lead Conversion Calculator

Free SEO ROI Calculator

SEO can be remarkable for your business, but it may not be the best option for every business. Use the calculator below to let you know if you will make a return on your investment.

How to use

1) Enter your monthly spend you intend to spend.

2) Enter the length of campaign you’re considering.

3) Enter the extra traffic you expect to get through your SEO campaign. If you’re unsure, you can use the calculator below to give you an indication.

4) Enter you average conversion rate (% of people that become your customers)

5) Input your average order value. You have a choice here, you can either add the average order value, or if you know your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), enter that here.



If you’re considering investing £1000 per month into SEO for 12 months, so you’ll enter £1000 into the first box and 12 into the 2nd.

You have calculated that once you hit the upper position of Google for your primary keywords, you would expect to get an extra 1000 website visitors, so enter that in the 3rd box.

Historically, you’ve converted an average of 3% of enquiries into sales, so that goes in box 4, and your average order is £99.

You’ll see in the right hand box, the calculations have been done for you.

Overall, you’ll spend £12,000, giving you an extra 30 customers per month. That’s an additional £1,970 per month, and a total ROI of £23,640 for the year.

Of course there are a couple of factors that need bearing in mind.

  1. You won’t automatically jump to the top positions on Google. It takes time, and much of those 12 months will be taken up with getting you there.
  2. Positions on Google fluctuate quite rapidly, even on a day to day basis, unless you’ve really solidified your position, so one day you may be postion 8 on page 1, and the next day, you might be position 3, and then back down again. However, this calculator can give you a decent estimate of what to expect.

Free Google Traffic Calculator

This calculator will inform you of how many extra website visitors you will get if you move up (or down) in the Google rankings.

How to use

Input your keyword search volume in the first field. If you need to discover the volume, use the Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator to get your search volume.

Enter your current Google position and the calculator will give you the number of people who visit your website already based on that position.

Next, enter the “New Position on Google” field and enter your preferred/expected position and the calculator will give you the expected traffic based on that position, as well as the overall additional traffic you will receive each month.

It’s a great calculator for figuring out whether it’s worth chasing that elusive number 1 position on Google!


If your keyword volume is 1800, and you’re currently at position 8 on Google, you’re receiving approx 54 visitors based on that single keyword.

However, moving up to position 3 would increase the traffic to 270 site visitors for that keyword, giving you an additional 216 site visitors.

Thanks for using our calculators. If there’s a way we can improve them, or you’d like a different calculator built, let us know and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

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