Know your audience

Who is your perfect customer?

Gordon Hall, 07/01/2018

For any business, one of the first questions you ask should be “who is my audience?” It’s a simple question, but strangely, not one that is either asked enough or asked with enough intent.

The problem starts when your immediate answer is “everybody”. Surely that’s right, isn’t it? The more people you can attract, the more you can sell. Right?

Who should you sell to? Everyone?


Let me tell you why.

Firstly, unless you’re some mega-corporation, you can’t afford to market to everyone. So if you’ve got a restricted budget, you want to spend that money to get your product in front of the right people.

Secondly, you probably couldn’t afford to provide your services/products to everyone. You may think it’s a nice problem to have, but believe me, it’s not one you want. You’ll end up as crazy as Gary Oldman in the magnificent film Leon (or the Professional – depending on your country).

Third, it makes you bland and boring. Really, it does. You’ll end up selling for selling sake and not enjoying the finer details of your work. Unable to focus on the areas you would be better off specialising in, you’ll do your best to please everyone, and in the process, please no-one.
Sorry to say, but there’s more to this life than just money!
Enjoy your work by channelling it the way you want it to go.

“You can’t afford to market to everyone.”

Find your perfect customer

With that in mind, narrow down.


I spoke to a kitchen company recently about their customers.

They initially said they sold their kitchens to everyone, but in opening up the questions, we got to pricing and it was revealed their prices were in the mid-high range. Definitely not priced for everyone!

I asked them for a list of their last 10 customers (I wanted the last 25 but that was a bit of a stretch!).

Interestingly, whilst 9 of the 10 customers were couples, it was always the woman who was making the decisions on the features of the kitchen. Hmmm! More interesting was age brackets – 7 of the customers were aged between 40-55, and all of them working.

So now we have a picture starting to form… Employed married women, aged between 40-55. Then we hit the jackpot… four of them were school teachers.


There's no need for poor website hosting in 2018

Get the right customer profile and you’ll hit the Jackpot.

Targeting your advertising

For this kitchen company, whilst their customers may well come from all walks of life, we know that teachers fit their customer profile really well. Working with this in mind, the most obvious things to us would be to use Facebook advertising (so much cheaper and more focused than Google AdWords). Now rather than a shotgun approach to their advertising, they can systematically choose a specific demographic based on occupation as well as age and gender.

Why advertise to the masses, when the masses generally aren’t interested in what you do? It’s not difficult to figure out who your customers are with a little bit of digging.

In Conclusion

Of course, finding your ideal customers is one thing. Getting them warmed up and ready to convert into paying customers is another job altogether… and another post, but worry not – we’ll cover that in another post soon.

  • If you do nothing else, make sure you have a backup of your site
  • Faster servers means better customer experience
  • Make sure you run all updates. That means CMS, themes and plugins
  • If you can, get yourself an SSL certificate

As we work through the various blog posts over the coming months, we will demonstrate how things are done. To that end, we’re looking for willing businesses, of all shapes, styles & industries to be used as our examples. So if you’re looking for a helping hand why not drop us a line and we can help each other.

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