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Local SEO Results

Carpet Cleaners
Doctor Carpet


No.1 On Google Local and No. 1 in the natural search results.

Forklift Hire
Forktruck Express

No.1 On Google Local and No. 1 in the natural search results.

Concrete Companies

No. 3 in the natural search results.

SEO Consultant
seo consultants bury SEO

No.1 On Google Local and No. 1 in the natural search results.

(well, we couldn’t resist, could we!)

National SEO Results

National Screed Pump Hire

No.1 AND No.2 on Google in the natural search results.

Golf Club Flyover Videos
Flyover 18

No.1 On Google.

Luxury Group Accommodation

No.4 in the natural search results

Grout Pump Hire

No. 1 in the natural search results.

Timber Frame House Specialists

No. 2 in the natural search results.

1 in 3 Of All Google Searches Are For Local Businesses

Ranking well for localised terms such as “SEO consultant Bury” is not rocket science (although some would have you believe it is), nor is it art or magic. Anybody can achieve that top result – for any industry. After all, your competitors have.

So how do you get there? There are two straight forward options.

  • Research the process yourself. Put the hours into Google, collate the information and then implement everything you have learnt. Sounds easy? Of course it is, but the chances are it will sit on your “to do” list for the next 5 years. However, if this is the road you decide to travel, we highly recommend the industry standard and no nonsense guide from Moz. It’s got everything you need to know to get a proper head start.
  • Alternatively let us do the work for you. Spend your time on running your business rather than learning about online marketing and search engine optimisation. Speak to us and we’ll optimise your website and get your phone ringing. Which is what you want, right?


So…How Much Does SEO Cost?

It starts with an SEO Audit

PRO Media 66 is not your average, garden-variety SEO company. We are nerds of the highest order who buy lunch with bitcoins and who spend every free moment of our lives stalking Google and reading web search patents. That’s why we’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of organic visitors to clients in vast and varied verticals at only a fraction of the price of paid traffic.

It’s also why our process starts with an SEO audit of your website. Once we audit your website we’ll give you the honest news about what shape it’s really in and what it is going to take to get your website ready for optimisation. We’ll then give you some numbers to hold on to, such as the cost, campaign duration, and expected results in that time-frame.

The job can be tweaked to fit any budget size, but naturally, bigger budgets yield bigger/faster results. Throughout the process you’ll be kept up to date with the progress and we’re always here to answer any questions.

What makes up an SEO Audit? (The technical bit)

Website Optimisation

To rank well in search results, your website needs to be optimised. We’ll go through your site and identify any issues you may have. This will include all the major points that Google recommend, including meta-tags, meta descriptions, site speed and much more.

Keyword Research

What keywords are people in your industry searching for? What are the best key phrases for your industry? Are there long-tail keywords that your business can dominate quickly and easily? Our detailed keyword research will reveal all these answers and more.

Competitor Analysis

Who are your main competitors? What categories are they targeting? How have they achieved a high ranking on Google?
We will run thorough checks on all your main competitors, including a full backlink analysis to make quick progress in moving you ahead of them in the search engine rankings. More information of how we run a competitor analysis is available here.

Citation Building

We have an extensive list of the best citation sources from around the UK and can identify the most important ones for your business. Using a number of tools to find additional citations above and beyond the main UK directories will give your business the edge.

Google+ and Social Media Optimisation

We will help you set up and optimise your Google Business page to give you maximum visibility. We will also review your social media (Twitter, Facebook etc.) to ensure your current digital strategy is on target and performing well.

Review Strategy

Reviews are an important part of SEO, attracting more customers and building your business’ credibility. We will implement a strategy to promote positive reviews from your customers and optimise your website to make it as easy for your customers to leave reviews.

Link Building (Local & National)

Local SEO requires a different link building strategy than traditional SEO. We develop a strategy to help identify and acquire quality links, including local links, on the right websites and within the right content, to maximise your business’ visibility.

We’ll then work with you each month

Once we’ve completed a full audit of your site you’ll have a clear path of just how long (and how much) it’s likely to take to get your business ranked at the top of Google. Along the way you’ll receive monthly reports giving you a clear picture of your progress and complete peace of mind.

However, we’ll do more than simply work on your SEO. We’ll help you with your social media marketing and show you how you can build your business using effective e-mail strategies, along with a whole host of other innovative ways to help your business grow. We want to see your business blossom and to do that we’ll work closely with you to achieve all your goals.

What we charge

Every business has different needs, and whilst many agencies charge by the project, we believe the fairest method is to simply charge for the time spent.

Our standard rate is £50 p.h. and you can have as little or as much of our time as you require.

Even better, we don’t tie to in to a fixed term contract so you can stick around for as long as suits you, not us!