PRO Media 66 provide the following services

Website Design

Great web design begins with great ideas. In starting to get a feel for your new site, we’ll work with you to help draw out exactly how you want the site to look. Just as important is the decision of what it is you want your site to achieve.

From there we’ll create a mock-up, which you can add your ideas and then we’ll finely hone your new site to  be the central hub of how you communicate in the digital world. These are exciting times!

Website Hosting

The hosting of your website is one of the most important decisions you can make – and probably the most boring!
We strip out all the complexities and offer you everything you need in one simple package. No need to worry about uploads, downloads, bandwidth or number of e-mail accounts. We give you an unlimited amount of everything!

SEO - Local & National

To get your website ranking well on search engines such as Google, you need to have your website optimised. Some of this work is done directly to your website, whilst other parts of the work is ongoing.

We’re experts in this process and can guide you through, explaining in clear English, and ensuring you get the best possible results  for your investment.

Website Maintenance

Websites are very much like cars. They need a bit of regular TLC to keep them running as they should.

Keeping on top of updates, virus scans, site security vulnerabilities and platform code will mean that your site is secure from hackers and general Internet nasties.

Sign up to our Maintenance plan and have complete peace of mind that your website is 100% secure.


Video Production

If you had a choice between reading 4 pages of text, or watching a 2 minute video explaining the same thing, which would you choose?

We’re masters at top quality video production in a wide field of industries and can create something that will really engage your customers with your business and build your brand.


Working with you

Whichever service you choose from PRO Media 66,  you won’t feel ‘lost’ or ‘out of control’.

We’ll meet with you regularly to keep you in the loop at all times.

Bright Ideas

Add your business knowledge to our experience and we’ve got a winning combination.

Let’s combine our bright ideas and build your business.

Target Audience

However we work with you we know you will love not only our work but our approach.

Customer Service is at the heart of everything we do.



Forget promises or excuses, it’s all about results. We fully understand that and are committed to deliver.

We’ll handle all the geeky stuff to make sure your sales improve.