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Daily, fresh & engaging posts designed to build your audience and get people talking.

If you’ve hit a creativity block and don’t know what to post, then here’s your solution. Our monthly social packs provide brand new, engaging posts for you to post every day to help you build your business and grow your online audience.

With a mix of images and videos, along with the text and the hashtags…we provide everything you need for your daily posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs by First-Time Buyers

A Message From PRO Media 66

We’ve been supporting SME’s with their social media campaigns for several years and we learned fast that businesses find it hard to find the time to work on their social media. In an ideal world, we’d all have our social media calendars booked up a month or more in advance, but it just never works out like that.

Added to the time constraints, it’s hard to find the creativity needed to create high quality posts.

How did it all become so complicated?

Social media is powerful, but we kept thinking, “there must be a better way.“

So we put on our thinking caps and after various iterations we have finally produced the solution so many businesses have been looking for. A day by day resource for you to post, 7 days a week, providing excellent engagement with your audience.

We’ve done all the hard work for you – when to post, the graphics, the videos, the text, even the hashtags… but of course, you have full flexibility to add or change anything we provide for you.

So don’t spend another moment worrying about your social media. Grab these posts and get building your audience.

How many posts do I get each month?
We send you a pack with one post per day, for each day of the month. So in November, you get 30 posts, and in December, you would get 31 posts.
How much does each social pack cost?

The current price is £30 per month including VAT. That’s less than £1 per post for a proven solution to social media engagement 🙂

Are the posts themed?
The purpose of the posts is to provide engaging ‘fillers’ that work across all industries, so they are great for just about anyone. However, we do recognise special days of the year, such as Christmas day and provide specific posts for those days.
Do you use UK English Spelling or US Spelling?
We provide both! On your order form, simply tell us which version of English you want, and we’ll ensure you get the correct spelling for your audience.
Are these posts, pictures or video?
They are both. There’s a ratio of approx 4:1 of pictures to video. That means there’s usually a minimum of 6 videos in your pack each month.
Are these posts created specifically for my company?
No. These posts have been created to work with any business and are not designed specifically for you.
Do you manage my social media posts for me?
Not at present. Everything is emailed for you to post on your social media channels. However, we’re looking into bringing in an affordable social media management solution soon.
Do the posts have to be used on specific days?
Generally not, but for the special days (such as Christmas day), then, yes, that’s the post we recommend to post out that day.
How many times can I use the posts?
As often as you like, but the license only allows you to use the post for one company. This means you can use the posts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. for your business, but the posts can’t be used for a second business.
Do you offer this package for agencies?
Yes. If you’re an agency or have multiple businesses that you manage, we offer an unlimited use license for £75 per month. Please note that as per the T&Cs, this does not allow you to resell the posts, but you may use them across an unlimited number of accounts you manage.
Is there a contract? How long do I have to sign up for?

There is no contract. When you sign up, you’ll get the posts sent to you every month, but you can cancel at any time.

However, if you sign up for a yearly pack, we will still send you the posts monthly, but you’ll only pay for 9 months rather than 12, saving you £90 (approx $120)



Use interactive posts to collect useful data & engage in a meaningful way with your customers.


Be the trusted name in your industry by communicating with your customers daily.


Time is money. Save both by organising your social media campaigns on a monthly basis.

Daily Content

Your customers are browsing social media over the weekends, so talk to them 7 days per week.


All Ready Made

Every single one of our posts comes with everything you need already preconfigured.


Save 16+ Hours Weekly

Using our premade posts, can save you 16+ hours per week – that’s over 800 hours per year!

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