Website Hosting & Maintenance Plans

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Website Hosting & Maintenance Plans

Website hosting & maintenance plans with straightforward prices and no hidden extras.

Website hosting can be complicated, with far too many hosting companies hiding features and up-selling what are often necessities. Our hosting/maintenance packages provide all the features people need, covering every type of business, with simplistic pricing. All plans can be paid for either monthly or annually.

The dangers of ignoring site security

We live in a world where nothing is safe and even websites held on secure servers are vulnerable. In a 2012 report from a leading Internet Security Company, it was estimated that over 30,000 websites were hacked daily. Things are even worse now.

The importance of backups

Sometimes things just go wrong. Whether your site has been hacked, or you have accidentally deleted a page from your website, it’s at times like these that you need to get your website back up and running quickly and safely.

Our daily backup service provides exactly this for you. Safe, secure, and providing daily protection.

Every website needs an SSL certificate

An SSL certificate proves to the world that your website is secure, More than that, but it tells your clients that you treat their security as paramount. In recent years, Google has given greater credibility to websites that have an SSL certificate in place, which gives a welcome boost to your SEO.

How fast is your server?

Our servers are hosted in the UK, and use the latest technology, with cloud-based hosting and SSD hard drives, ensuring speedy websites for everyone.

What's website maintenance?

Websites need to be constantly updated to ensure their code is secure. Running regular updates makes your website safe and secure and far less vulnerable to viruses or hacks.

If you are confident about maintaining your website yourself, we’ll provide you with your login details for the server to manage this yourself.

However, if you would prefer to have your website managed professionally, we can do this for you through our security and ultimate care plans.


Our website care plans allow you to focus on your business and get away from website-related everyday tasks.
We remove all the trouble of site updates, backups, maintenance scheduling, virus scanning and much more. See below for more details.


We’ve created our website hosting, security & maintenance plans to protect your your website from getting hacked and to keep everything updated and running efficiently.

Our monthly plans include all that and more.

View us as your partners, each and every month, ensuring your website is protected, updated, maintained, backed up and optimized.

Watch the video for details.


What’s In A Care Plan?


Our standard care plan comes as a great starter package. It’s particularly suited to those who are happy to take on the maintenance of their website themselves, so don’t need the added protection other plans offer. The Standard care package comes with unlimited web space, bandwidth and e-mail accounts and the provided control panel gives full access to every aspect of your website.

In addition, there are now daily backups that come as standard with this plan, and every website is provided with it’s own SSL certificate, giving all your customers, piece of mind when they visit your site, knowing it’s a secure site.



Our security care plan comes with all the great features of our standard plan, but also includes your monthly updates and maintenance. We will update all core code, templates and plugins every month, as well as performing a weekly site clean to optimize your code and catch all spam posts, ensuring your site is completely up to date and safe.


Whilst every business needs a website, some businesses rely on their website more heavily than others. For these businesses, we provide a premium care plan. For any business building their online presence, this is the best choice. There’s extra layers of security, optimized servers, 1-2-1 support and monthly reports ensuring you’re firing on all cylinders.

Updates & Optimization

We keep your site updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and fast.


WordPress theme updated


Plugins updated


Weekly site clean & optimisation

Monitoring & Protection

Your site is monitored and protected from spam, malware and other malicious code.


Website protection


Daily scanning


Hackers & spam denied

Backups & Restore Points

Daily and weekly backups, across multiple locations, ensure around-the-clock protection.


Weekly website backups


On & off-site backups


Daily restore points

Monthly Reports

Receive a monthly report of all the work we do showing your page views, site traffic and more.


Monthly google analytics report


Detailed report on work done to keep your site safe

*** 1 hour of support each month ***

We’ll also take care of any quick website updates you might have every month. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have us in your corner for any quick updates or any issues you may have.


Do Your Maintenance Plans Come With Hosting?

It sure does. We’ll provide you with our best hosting plan, as well as all the security, maintenance, and updates you need, for a simple monthly fee.

Do You Charge A Set-Up Or Cancellation Fees?

If we are building or redesigning your website; there is no setup fee, as we know exactly what we’re dealing with.

If we built your website more than six months ago, there’s a £99 setup free to bring your website up to scratch.

If someone else built your website, a setup fee will be applied, starting from £199. Contact us to get a setup fee quote.

We never charge a fee if you choose to leave us.

What If I Don't Want Your Plan?

If you choose against our security or ultimate plan, the truth is, much could go wrong.

Here are the top reasons we would  recommend you make sure your website is maintained:

1) The site will not be optimized. This leads to poor performance, slow loading times and a gradual loss of rankings on Google SEO rankings.

2) The site’s tools, plugins, themes and WordPress itself will quickly go out of date which is the #1 leading cause of website hacks. It’s incredibly important to keep ALL your website tools and plugins up-to-date.

You’ll be on your own if your site gets hacked, which could mean you losing your content as well as your Google ranking.

Most importantly, you won’t have us in your corner as your trusted webmaster to help with quick updates, tweaks, and website issues.

Does My Monthly Update Time Roll Over?

Sorry. It’s just that month that you’re covered for. If more work is needed, you’ll need to speak to us about costing the project.

What If My Site Is Compromised While On The Plan?

If your site is hacked while on either the security or ultimate plan, then it’s our responsibility to take care of everything. We’ll clean the site and get everything sorted with Google at no extra cost to you.

But fear not! We’ve never had a website that is on one of our Security or Ultimate packages, breached, so you can be assured of our 100% security rating.

What If My Updates Need More Than 1 Hour?

We’ll do all we can to get your updates sorted within the hour, but if it’s a bigger workload than normal, then we’ll give you an estimate of the time and do the extra work at our hourly rate.


What If I Choose Not To Take A Plan And My Site Gets Hacked?

We can take care of the website cleanup for a fee of £299. Afterwards we can put you on one of our monthly plans to ensure the site remains clean and protected.

How Quickly Will My Updates Be Done?

We’ll hook you up with our priority support ticketing system. This means most of the time, we deliver your changes within 24-48 hours, ensuring you get our priority service.

What Websites Do You Cover?

We support every type of business, from small one-man bands to large e-commerce websites.
However, we only support websites that are built using WordPress.

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