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Website Hosting

Simple web hosting with simple prices and no hidden extras.

Website hosting can be complicated, with far too many hosting companies hiding features and up-selling what are often necessities. We have recently restructured our web-hosting packages to provide the features people are requesting, with simplistic pricing.
We offer three different hosting solutions, which covers every type of business possible. All plans can be paid for either monthly or annually.


For many clients, our standard package provides everything that you could possibly need. Unlimited web space, bandwidth and e-mail accounts are welcomed by our clients as is control panel access giving you full access to every aspect of your website. Furthermore, daily backups now come as standard with this plan.


Our maintenance plan comes with all the great features of our Standard plan, but also has the monthly updates and maintenance included. PROMedia will update all core code, templates and plugins, as well as cleaning up any spam posts each and every month, ensuring your site is completely up to date and safe.


Whilst every business needs a website, some businesses rely on their website more heavily than others. For these businesses, we provide a premium hosting service. These servers are approximately 3x faster than our standard servers and come with a slew of security measures to keep your website rock solid and safe. For any business building their online presence, this is the best choice. Furthermore, we provide each website on this platform with an SSL certificate, which not only increases the protection of your site and your customers but also improves your placement of your website in the rankings of major search engines such as Google.

Extra security layers

We live in a world where nothing is safe and even websites held on secure servers are vulnerable. In a 2012 report from a leading Internet Security Company, it was estimated that over 30,000 websites were hacked daily. Things are even worse now.

Sadly, it’s happened to our clients also. Because of this, we now have daily backups as standard across all our hosting packages. Clients rarely back up their data on their own PCs. They never remember to back up their website!


Sometimes things just go wrong. Whether your site has been hacked, or you have accidentally deleted a page from your website, it’s at times like these that you need to get your website back up and running quickly and safely.

Our daily backup service provides exactly this for you. Safe, secure and providing daily protection.


Websites need to be constantly updated to ensure their code is secure. By running regular updates, you can make your website safe and secure and not vulnerable to new viruses or hacks.

If you are confident about doing this yourself, it is straightforward and we can provide you with the login details to do this yourself. If you would prefer to have professionals provide the service, we can do this for you on a monthly basis through our maintenance and ultimate packages.

Lightning Servers

For our ultimate hosting package, we use a different server type to our standard offering. This results in a much faster performance. Moreover these servers are configured specifically for WordPress websites, ensuring they are optimised to provide the quickest and most secure experience.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate proves to the world that your website is secure, More than that, but it tells your clients that you treat their security as paramount. In recent years, Google have given greater credibility to websites that have an SSL certificate in place, which gives a welcome boost to your SEO.